Thursday, 24 July 2014

GIVEAWAY!!! All about hair..

I can't believe it's been 1 year since I cut all my relaxed hair off!! It's been an interesting journey thus far, some highs and lows, and a lot of learning. I figured what better way to celebrate than by doing a giveaway!

So there are 2 sets of prizes to be won, as pictured below:

Redken: Shampoo, Conditioner (for dry/unruly hair) & Heat Serum
2nd prize:

Vatika: Deep conditioning treatment (for dry, dull, lifeless hair) & Enriched Coconut Hair Oil


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The 2 people with the most referrals win, (the highest chooses 1st and the next highest obviously gets what the top winner didn't choose).
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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Appreciating some nail art!

I decided to pamper myself today, so I went to see an nail tech friend for some relaxation. Just as she started working on my nails, I decided, why not give her a bit of space on my personal space lol.

How talented is she? I love her and her work... 

Are you a nail art kinda person, or do you prefer the the more "traditional" kinda styles ie. French, plain colours etc... What do you think of this French shading she did on me?

Monday, 7 July 2014

Review: Pond's Age Miracle Range

About a month ago, I was sent some products from the Pond's Age Miracle range to review. Being an aethetician, I was very sceptacle at first because I've always had this notion that if you can walk into a shop and pick and choose products without "recommendation" then chances are there is nothing active in them so they don't work! I still believe that to some extent, hence the reason why it's always important to take note of the ingredients #don'tjudgeme

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised...

For a while I had been using "natural" products, which I was happy with, and not looking for anything else as I was seeing the results I wanted. When I received the Pond's Age Miracle range, the first ingredient that worried me was 'fragrance'.. being someone with fairly sensitive skin, my main worry was I would have some reaction that would then take me forever to get rid of... that did not happen!

What i received...
How beautiful is the packaging?!

What stood out the most to me...
Pond's has worked so hard on their formulation, so much so, that they have included testing strips that one must use to gauge the depth of your crows feet before using the product, and again retest, after a week of following the regimen!

I received the normal - dry range, which I expected to be super rich and possibly give me breakouts. Once again, I was happy to note that the different layers ie. serum, eye cream, day cream.. all absorbed really well into my skin and did not leave an oily/shiny residue.

My absolute favourite out of the range...
I'm sooo loving the Age Miracle Intensive Cell Regen Serum. It's a water based serum that goes on smoothly, feels like velvet and aids with cell regeneration - which we all need. 

My routine...
Twice a day (am & pm):
Cell ReGen Facial Foam
Cell ReGen Toner
Intensive Cell ReGen Serum
Dual Action Eye Cream
Cell ReGen Day Cream/Deep Action Night Cream

What I would have loved to see in the basic range...
Possibly the use of more active ingredients in the night cream or in the form of an enzyme exfoliator to help get rid of dead skin cells, black heads, etc.. Yes, the cleanser has micro granules but I think it could be done better. Also maybe having a 2-in-1 cleanser toner ~ as a working mum, I managed to get into the routine, but still felt like there were many steps in the facial routine.

Would I recommend this product range...
Yes, I would recommend this range to anyone looking to work on their preventative/anti-aging skin care routine. It is easily available and the most expensive product retails for around R145 - making it an affordable range. I'm pleased with my results so far and although I started with minimal fine lines, I'm able to feel the difference in the texture and tone of my skin, particularly in the eye area where my skin has always been a little less hydrated!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

They call it a "Loub Job"!!!

If you thought you had seen and heard it all, think again!!

This was an extremely loud "aha!" moment for me, when i got to hear about it...

It's called a Loub Job ladies!

What is it?
Long story short, fillers (you know, like fillers you get to plump up your face etc.), yes, fillers for your feet! This treatment is not new, it seems it has been around for a while (although I've only recently heard about it).

Weird name?
Not really, if you are a shoe-a-holic you probably already guessed where the name came from: it was derived from the famous French designer's name, Christian Louboutin.

Well, for others of us, the sight of heels = pain lol! I personally struggle a lot and try as best I can to avoid having to wear heels because of the pain I experience. I always wondered how people could spend the day or run errands in 6 inch heels... so, my "aha!" moment came in right there... I knew there was something I was missing!

So, the fillers are injected into the feet and act as extra padding/cushioning in the toes, balls and heels of the feet, meaning less pain and one can withstand longer periods of time wearing super high heels.

How long does it last?
In the region of six months before you need another treatment.

How much does it cost?
Certainly not cheap! This treatment goes for anywhere in the region of R5000/£400 upwards.

Need I mention the celebs that have done this?
Kim K apparently did it before her wedding, Victoria Beckham.. the list goes on.

What do you think? Would you do this or ..? Please share your thoughts.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Product Review ~ Maybelline Baby Lips!

If you have not seen or heard... then you definitely want to take note of this!! Maybelline Baby Lips, was and still is, a huge trend overseas - and hit the shores of South Africa about 2 months ago - possibly even sooner as it hit shelves, and was sold out in a flash, and most people had to wait for the second shipment to hit stores again and now is readily available.

What is it: the most awesome, super soft lip balm! Seriously...

The texture is smooth and soft, and the formula is extremely moisturizing, brilliant especially now that we have just hit winter and chapped lips are looming around already. I have been using this lip balm for about 3 weeks now, bought one and I've gone back for a second already (couldn't help myself) - never mind all my coworkers that I've got to jump on the bandwagon with me.

Now, you must know, I'm a mum and always looking for ways to make my 'look good' routine quick and effortless.. so, I recently bought the Pink Punch shade, and 'hello fabulousness'! The pigment is just right, it looks like lipstick but with super moisturization.

Not all of them are tinted, there are 6 variations available so far, and only 3 of them are tinted.

Have you tried any of them yet, if so which ones, and what were your thoughts? How cute is the packing?!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

What is in your kitchen that doubles up as a skin/hair ingredient ~ Part 3

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is known to be good for stimulation and circulation. I'm sure a lot of us have seen or heard of a number of "remedies" that include cayenne, the most popular possibly being a slimming diet/detox that celebrities/models like to use in preparation for big events!

What I've come across: cayenne mixed with a natural oil eg. olive oil, applied to the scalp as a treatment,  stimulates blood circulation to the hair follicles and as a result you get hair growth. (I hear this may tingle so needs to be mixed in the right proportions).


Is a great antioxidant and quite popular in Asian countries.

A remedy to try: turmeric mixed with a bit of honey and water/yoghurt, enough to form a paste, and applied to the face as a mask. Used regularly helps with acne, brightening of the skin and as a anti-ageing treatment. If you're very fair skinned try mixing a bit of turmeric with your favourite mask to 'dilute' the intensity of the yellow colour which may possibly stain your skin.

Have you tried any of these remedies before? How did they work out for you? Do you use either of these spices in a different way or for a different beauty purpose?  Please share...

Monday, 19 May 2014

What is in your kitchen that doubles up as a skin/hair ingredient? ! ~ Part 2

Black tea is said to have more caffeine than coffee and is used very often to help reduce hair shedding. How it works: the hormone DHT is responsible for hair loss and caffeine is effective at blocking it. How you would use it: make really strong tea and allow it to cool, shampoo your hair, pour cooled tea and allow it to sit in the hair for a minimum of 10 minutes,  then deep condition as usual. Black tea can darken the hair colour so its not advisable to do this often if you have light coloured hair. Green tea is a good alternative and is known to stimulate hair growth as well as give the hair a nice shiny appearance.

Green tea can be used as a "wake me up" when brewed allowed to cool in the fridge and spritzed all over the face. Alternatively,  for tired saggy eyes, keep your used tea bag, refrigerate it and when its nice and chilled, place over the eye area. Green tea has high antioxidant levels and will help soothe improve the appearance of tired eyes.

Olive Oil
This is a really good oil especially if you suffer from very dry skin or skin that is extremely sensitive to normal "over the counter" creams. How to use: apply a bit into your warm bath water, or apply to damp skin straight after your bath.

Olive oil can be used as a massage oil and sealant for moisture on the hair. How to use: warm up the oil (never boil) and apply to the scalp and hair strands, massage for about 5 minutes,  wrap in a hot towel, once the towel cools shampoo and condition as usual - alternatively put your hair into a bun (cover with a a head cap or place a towel over your pillow to avoid staining) and leave the oil in overnight and wash out in the morning.

ps. Whenever you can, go for the "extra virgin" "cold pressed" option.

As always, I'm keen to hear your "non-conventional" uses for the above ingredients... Please share in the comments section below!